It is a normal human being, but when the oppositions press and reach the Land, he becomes in bonanza a extraterrestrial one. The personage in cause is Ben, the young protagonist of the youthful series of animation Ben 10, created in 2005 for equips Man Of Action, that if she inspired in some Japanese infantile series, whose projeco assumed new contours since that this mega-franchise North American jumped for small ecr and started to conquer smallest. The adventures of the adolescent most foreign of always consist essentially of protecting and exempting the Land of enemies of form (almost) interminable. With the aid of its grandfather, Max, and of its sister, Gwen, the young with being able of another galaxy? obtained for the activao of a very special accessory, a called species of clock Omnitriz? it faces the villains most strange and caricatos, having the possibility of if transforming into a panoply of extraterrestrial. The peripcias in elapsing of the passage invariably are amused and the good-disposal is the strong plate of this animation series that conquered millions of children and young in the whole world. In the videojogos, and to the similarity of the televising series, the incursions of Ben and its two friends of exploits make jus when only carcter of the personages and to the proper and very singular spirit of Ben 10, flesh-color of especially identical form in the cativantes games flash that if can find in the Internet. The alternatives in this area are varied and sufficiently distinct, since the RPG to the platforms, passing for the sport and until versions of Tetris. With this multiplicity of options, and different, even so assumidamente most singular of the characteristics of those livened up drawings it is guaranteed, depending only on the taste of each person the practical one of one or another game. When sailing for the innumerable sites of games online, easily we apercebemos in them of that the appositive fort in this franchise made in U.S.A.