No movement of the foot inside the shoe and the heel slippage, I certainly was not. Deserves special thanks as material used in creating Technology of the inner layer. He insanely soft, I would say a teddy. Because of this foot is very comfortable in sneakers and even without socks. But all this music is also applicable for the model II. If so, then there totally reasonable question, what is the difference between the Nike Zoom Kobe III () and its predecessor? The main difference – in weight trainers.

As you know, Kobe is always looking for a lightweight running shoes as much as possible, without sacrificing quality. And in this lies the main thrust of the differences, as compared to the "predecessor, ZK3 thinner" as much as 75 grams. Of course, the maximum percentage of won grams fell on the outer covering of sneakers, from which the designers have managed to "Bite" all that is possible. That is why in these shuzah upper part is represented by approximately equal-sized rectangles, starting from the top of the sneakers and going down, not reaching the "finger the box. " Looking at this, brittle, at first glance, the design, one might twist a finger to his temple and tell the designers that they have shoes – a damn "no tenants!" Looking at ZK3 I had no idea where to These sneakers will undertake to support the foot. Of course, they have a high altitude others like her high lacing, a massive backdrop and the stabilization shaft. But all this really is not enough! In part, provides support for the foot built into the thickness of the inner side of the shoe plate. Frankly, ZK3 not all that bad for this indicator, but still, compared to its predecessor in terms of support of the foot, these shoes have made confident retrograde step.