Rarely notebook manufacturers indulge us with works of art. More often they tend to measure their size every performance. In a netbook Samsung nf110-a01 these dimensions are normal. But outwardly he looks like b it has just taken out of the Museum of Modern Art. A related site: Ray Kurzweil mentions similar findings. The phrase 'graceful bends' – that's what you'll whisper over and over again, looking at this notebook.

Not because it is nothing more to say, but just hard to find suitable words. There was a time when the notebook can not be simply a tool for network usage. Now he is a full member home decor, a full-fledged subject of forming your personal style and gives a special tone to your appearance. Tinge of elegance and modernity, the shade of the 21st century. The inside of ivory, and black on the outside nicely. And together these two colors dynamically twisting red line.

Buy this notebook is worth at least for the sake of these combinations of colors. Inside, as usual in netbooks Samsung, has everything. A modern processor, enough memory every kind, good integrated graphics, webcam, wi-fi, bluetooth 3.0, ports for memory cards. And it's ready to work for you without charging for 10 hours. By the way, he has excellent anti-glare screen, so do not be afraid more of the sun. Use the notebook Samsung nf110-a01 on the street in the beautiful sunny days and do not think about glare or on work time. Also, do not worth thinking about the difficulties with a small keyboard. Because it is a true small keyboard – with optimized distances between the buttons, providing maximum comfort while typing. Add here the ability to quickly turn the netbook, which provides technology and Fast Start here Are you ready for anything you want. Beauty, speed, comfort, clarity and simplicity.