Looking at old photographs of children, I always wondered concentrated and serious facial expression portrayed kids. It seemed that a hundred years ago children were different. Such balanced with spiritualized individuals and wise, all comprehending eyes. I wanted to understand – in fact, children have become, or have other photographers of the past were some secrets of child photography? Photographs on a century-old kids or stand or sit. But how make a small child for a long time to fix on photography, you need to get a quality shot? How to get it to the desired facial expression? Taking the Model younger half of their children, I decided to turn back the clock. For the purity of the experiment, I decided to photograph them with a steady light, in which an excerpt will be long, as it did 100 years ago. Imagine how I'll catch and fix these two minor electric broom, I felt some confusion. Question arises: how to stop the infinite Brownian motion of children during the shooting? Had more time to carefully study the original material.

View more pictures, I found what the old photography of children is different from the modern children's photo-portraits. Solution was very simple. Photographers set or put the baby at a sufficiently high subject. It is logical to assume that even the most Bezbashenny, hyperactive, restless and rowdy-dowdy boy, standing on the dais will be almost motionless, and with the most serious expression on his face will pose a photographer. Theory require verification practices. I built a pedestal for photographing children from the chair, standing on a children's table. The design was somewhat shaky, but it is quite stable.

And the result has been achieved! The younger son (1,5 years) stood stock-still for five minutes, afraid to move. That was enough for me to make enough shots. Typing the resulting material, I saw that same state of the child, and wanted to get some. That's it, to get a 'vintage' photos of the children! PS The key to this method of discard parental fears. While you're there, with your child of all will be well. Feeling your support and the importance of the situation (its not every day you are asked to take this exalted position) he will be fine pose and will reward you and even myself, in consequence, excellent photos.