“” Windtraume…eine miraculous journey to yourself “by the”German Sergio Bambaren”wind dreams” is a journey of discovery for young and old readers who are willing to include their dreams in their lives and learn to recognize the truth of love and of life. A tale about grief, hope, love and the magical emergence of shooting stars. Love is a lifetime. No matter how. No matter when. No matter where.”this is just a quote from wind dreams” and this says much about the surprise success. Fascinated by the book wind dreams.

The message of the book is clear and concise. Who themselves have ever met the dark sides of life, can recognize themselves in wind dreams. The thesis, never to give up and lose his dreams not out of sight, runs like a red thread through the book. But also the lovers of the classic love story not to be neglected. The writing style of the author Jando is loose and easy. Fortunately he avoided gadgetry on the usual psychological.

The beautiful illustrations by Antjeca complete the beautiful picture of the book. A real insider tip for balmy summer evenings! Shortly after the publication of the first edition was completely sold out. One has formed in the Internet 2 months about 11,000 comprehensive wind dreams community, that every day continues to grow. In literary circles Jando is compared to already the honor part of authors such as Sergio Bambaren and Paolo Coelho so gr0ssen to be. Its fan community knew that already. They call the German BAMBAREN”Jando. The accompanying audiobook will appear in September. This will be something special. “Radost Bokel, known from Michael end Momo”, the book will be read and dreamy music will be also on listen. In September and October Bokel and Jando will go then Radost on a dream reading tour through Germany. The exact date and venue will be announced here in due time.