Your address also adds structure to the medium (the Internet), and why a simple post would not be sufficient. Can we contact you by fax, fixed telephone, email and mobile phone? This information gives you more credibility. 4. Do not use a free e-mail or their main site hosting service. Some say that a business image is everything. That may seem a little exaggerated, but you are not who secrees is, but what the customer perceives you are. If you use an e-mail service free as what does say you this? You have success, that neither tanato even it can afford an email service? Most of the spammers use these free email accounts, this gives you another point negotivo against her. It may be better to use the account associated with the domain of your web site’s payment.

I think that almost all web hosting services offer POP e-mail accounts. 5 Have all their data at hand of their customers… When a surfer appears on its website for the first time is like going to an appointment blindly. The visitor may have heard a little about Ud and know where to find it, but putting a look at his website, obtiendra a good opportunity to have a quick check of who he is you, and if it is that realmete wants to build a relationship with the. Information you should put on this page includes: – a personal and professional biography, – perhaps a photograph of yourself, – name, address and telephone number, – the objectives of your company-, a complete description of your company and you. 6. Include a privacy statement.

Internet users are becoming more sensitive of how your information is used, what makes almost indispensable, to provide a page with its privacy policy. General interests which would need to be addressed: * how is uses the information that is collects?. * Will share the information with a third party? * Let them know how, opt out of any mailing list in which they registered. 7. Use some feedback from their customers. What you say about your product or service will be not taken seriously. I mean what is expected that Ud says. Does your product? The views of experts in their field, they will have more attention from their customers, but it is mostly going to have more weight to decisions of their clients, are the comments and testimonials from their own customers. What does it mean?. You can get an instant credibility if presented testimonies from satisfied customers. These testimonials must be accompanied by the direction of email or Web page, and the full name of the client. How much less information gives, on the client that is providing testimony, will be much less believable. It must facilitate, that visitors come into contact with these clients, to confirm that the testimonials are real. Do you understand it?. USE all these strategies and their customers will appreciate its reliability and credibility, gimbal that open their wallets and their hearts.