1 SUMMARY OF THE WORKMANSHIP: The life of a family deeply is modified through a medical diagnosis, a rare and incurable illness reaches a boy of only five years and shakes the psychological structure of its parents.

Based in a real history the film the oil of Lorenzo, portraies a gorgeous history of love? not a conventional romance, between man and woman? over all of love the life, having as deep cloth of the reinforcement of the fraternais bows between parents and children. The tram also shows another sufficiently significant source, therefore it reflects the standards even though and the limitations imposed for conventional science. 2 SUMMARY: The August couple of historians and Michaela Odone (interpreted for Nick Nolte and Susan Saradon) it has a pparently normal life to the side of the only son (Lorenzo Odone) of the couple and Michaela? Augustus Odone has others two deriving children of its first marriage? but, everything starts to move when the child starts to present signals of hiperatividade, deafness and corporal disequilibrium. Intrigued with these symptoms the parents they appeal to some doctors, in order to identify its cause, and after very suffering they receive the diagnosis final: the boy is carrying of Adrenoleucodistrofia (ALD), a very rare illness and the worse one of all degenerative one, in accordance with the doctors the boy would not live more than three years. The ALD if characterizes for the accumulation of acid greasy saturated of long chain (mainly acid with 24 and 26 carbons) in the majority of the cells of the affected organism, but mainly in the cells of the brain, leading to the destruction of the case of mielina, that protects definitive neurons.