Marketing for SMEs through consultancy based in Hamburg, in small and medium businesses, it is often the case that marketing took part “just” is. It is found in most cases no special marketing department and no specialists qualified marketing training. Marketing is not arrived at such companies. The holistic approach to marketing integrated marketing considerations, but actually in many business sectors. Thus, pricing, distribution, advertisement and the product itself are the main themes which are occupied with such marketing. This is definitely the key elements to a company’s strategic direction. They are therefore of great importance and should not lightly chosen. Of course, small and medium businesses often can not employ full marketing department, but can occasionally be bought or incidental marketing skills. The advisory terminal, a service of the abasta GmbH from Hamburg, concepts and analysis, it’s the oneShould be assistance for marketing. It can product analysis, competitor analysis, market analysis and marketing concepts are acquired at fixed prices, which will support the company’s selective marketing. This advisory products are created naturally by qualified, experienced and qualified individual specialists. Some of the samples and examples can be found on the website. The abasta GmbH itself does not offer consulting and project management for companies and may thus constitute an external marketing capacity. Thus, companies may be accompanied consultant to the respective marketing strategy to continually reviewed and adjusted if necessary. As business and marketing consultancy provides abasta Ltd. to ensure the best daily rates. Current approaches are also reviewed, with which companies try to obtain loans and financing. Banks are asking now frequently of an additional plausibility check, or credit check a management consultancy. The abastaLtd. for this purpose calculated to ensure staggered by volume inclusive to a high transparency.