During the 80 years, covered all types of styles, from hard rock’s display, or the alternative rock stars such as Michael Jackson, Pat Benatar or Bruce Springsteen . Since 1984 started to work a new editor, Cesar Martin, who eventually became one of the visible figures of the magazine, taking the section of the post, and something very special “Do not Judas Me, Satan”, this section which is continuing today, was originally called “Christ, not Judas Me”, being discarded to avoid clashes with religious sectors, chaired by a drawing that depicts a Christ tied to the mast of a guitar, focused on trying issues of a very varied, ranging from movie stars, to lives of Psychokillers, Pornostars, characters from the world of Serie B, has an existence or unusual freaks. The NMJ have a long continuity over the next two decades, becoming a true hallmark of the book. It is also worth noting the participation of Spanish music as Loquillo or Alaska (collect the popularity of this latest interview with Ozzy Osbourne, becoming a front page photo of their meeting) and occasional writers, throughout the history of Popular1, various characters the stage musical or literary work together at one time or another in this way . The magazine was started to characterize the abandonment of a style of journalistic distance, a treatment of “fan” of training or musical movements treaty, which gave preference to those groups to which the writers were amateurs, a more passionate style than descriptive.

The Capital Times
After several years of development, a Fitchburg-based online music search company, in the hope of a grip on the crowded online music arena.
February 4 (Bloomberg) – A legislator Bruce Springsteen ‘s home is a call for an antitrust investigation of Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. tremendous history in Israel s handling of the sale of tickets for the musicians out tour after fans complained.
The New Straits Times
The music industry struggling with poor sales, but the Grammy Awards show in Los Angeles still packed them in with a great solo performances and collaborations sky.
Bruce Springsteen and New Jersey’s Attorney General Criticizes Ticketmaster on what seems an attempt to increase costs for fans tickets to Springsteen shows. Ticketmaster has apologized, but the New Jersey Attorney General’s office said that the investigating body.

Remix: The Electronic Music Explosion by Bruce Gerrish (Paperback – Mar 2001)