For Verstreken et al. (1996), a good planning daily pay-operatrio is highly desirable in many disciplines surgical but rare it is present. That is the result of a metodolgica difference between diagnosis and surgery, a difference that is more notable when the surgery will be based on medical images. The result is the inadequate use of the information diagnosiss during the therapy. The harmful factors are: first, the disgnostic information of the image frequent are in a format that is very difficult to be used during the treatment, a time that the surgeon does not work with bidimensional cuts (2D), but yes with three-dimensional real structures (3D); second, during the surgery, elements you add, such as material and instruments of the implantation, are introduced; the place of such elements is not identified of real form on the images. To surpass these limitations, a system generic of planning for surgery of dental implantations he has been developed. This system allows the interactive manipulation of the materials of the implantation with the reformatted information of the radiogrfico sseo volume (3D).

The surgeon can simulate bidimensional images (2D) reformatted and to verify the relative positioning in an exhibition 3D. In accordance with Lomasney & Steinberg (1999), the DentScan is the program of more common software applied to the images of Cat scan Computerized for formation of images daily pay-operatrias for the dental implantation. The information on the axial images are reformatted as transversal and panoramic images. The information on a place considered for the rank of the dental implantation are determined. The surgeon also must use a computerized program interactive to manipulate the images and the graphical representations of the implantations in the plan of rank of the dental implantation. Interactive software, SIM/Plant (Columbia Scientific, Columbia, MD), the same use the information gotten in used protocol for the program of the DentScan. The SIM/Plant program shows the axial, transversal and panoramic images simultaneously.