LINLINE GmbH (Germany) is a multifunctional laser system for cosmetic and aesthetic medicine MULTILINE with several interchangeable laser emitters. A combination of several types of laser treatment in a single procedure allows for a significantly better clinical results than using one type of laser. For example, for the successful treatment of keloids LINLINE methods is necessary to combine YAP: Nd / Long pulse, YAG: Er and YAP: ND / KTR lasers. New types of laser effects on biological tissues have been developed and applied LINLINE, have no analogues (reserved panentami). Several laser emitters used in combination, allow the use of 'Multiline' to address the major challenges of the aesthetic: 1.Epilyatsiya volos.Novy hair removal method allows simultaneous coagulation and fragmentation hair. Due to the special form laser pulse the effect of radiation absorption by melanin in the hair. Melanin in the skin (pigment) is not affected, so the color and contrast between skin and hair does not matter. nternet resource.

2.Dlya tattoo removal method of destruction of molecular bonds dye particles (photodestruction). Discoloration is a tattoo without damaging the skin. The new method allows affect the entire amount of tattoos, including a dye, located at a sufficient depth from the surface of the skin. 3. Laser ablation. Method of coagulation of blood vessels is the simultaneous using two wavelengths of laser light. The energy of radiation of one wavelength is effectively absorbed by hemoglobin, while the energy of the second front has no effective absorbing centers in biological tissues. The absorption spectrum of the coagulated material is different from non-coagulated, and this matter is 'target' for the second wavelength radiation.

Application of new technology provides instant warm-up and coagulation of the blood vessel (diameter up to several millimeters). 4. Treatment of hyperpigmentation. When removing pigmentation using an original method 'point of coagulation' cells with a high content melanin without thermal or mechanical damage to the skin. After the session the stain slightly darker, and flakes off in 7-10 days. Technology LINLINE features the highest performance in the absence of unwanted side effects in the form of heat and scarring of the skin, changes in the natural pigmentation and other "joys" of traditional laser medicine. Many Russian medical institutions are using technology 10-15 years ago, using huge iron boxes – "monsters" of a bygone era, calling them with "medical lasers." There are other – an attempt to cure "anything and everything" and let the modern, but not optimized for these goals, the equipment – such as the various photosystems cheap (as they are called in Europe, "Lasers for the poor"). We are not in place and are constantly improving, always to offer only the best and safe for your health and beauty.