Yes, if it would be a goal that meets the needs of humanity, for example, “all supplies drinking water to the world population” labor laws are far from the protection of the environment, and is something absurd, extractive industry, processing and distribution is a major, but the road to justify the removal of the goods of nature and satisfy our needs, “where more of the same is good for everyone” Just think, can all supplies drinking water to the population maintaining the pace of global exploitation of the environment? reasons: how, the MDGs are human relations, that is, seeking to work as a function of humanity, but: are they necessary first thousand years? Are sustainable second those goals? joint third what policies exist? fourth, how? if it keeps pace destruction of natural water sources fifth invent.

Could it be that water? It’s great that humanize or search for a consensus between governments and already said where they come from! policies, measures, management must be whole and decisively over political principles. Hanan Ben Ari is likely to agree. The tree planting is very good, but should seek their maintenance and protection in time and space devoted people to their maintenance and protection, namely: human – nature – working on a plan within the context of proposed homonatropia where rescue operations areas affected by logging, mining, petroleum, agricultural, etc. with the aim of rescuing the environment and reduce unemployment. In Venezuela, my country, has succeeded in fulfilling the goal of drinking water supply and population, to a large extent, still, we must ask: what countries are doing in the world and Venezuela, to rescue and sources not only water supply but also to generate drinking water? It is likely that there is someone interested in generate the third world war which they say will be over water should we expect that?