, he will be something that will give to immense pleasure and joy to all the safe ones. 25-E its doors will not be closed of day, because it will not have night there., 26-E it will bring the glory and honor of the nations. In this time where we live the nations are contaminated by all type of sin and males do not exist none that has escaped, can less be contaminated but she is not pure. But in the new nations it will have entire pureness, no badness, total security that as much longs for the peoples today but peace in way to the sin does not exist, in the new Jerusalem and in the new nations the complete peace will reign. 27-E will not enter in it thing some that contaminate, and comet abominao and lie; but only the ones that are enrolled in the book of the life of the Lamb. efsios 1:13 – 14 All the ones that for the faith and desire of a new life transformed for Jesus, today can also have its registration for the new nations and for the new Jerusalem, is enough to repent itself of its sins, to accept the Jesus as its Mr. and Salvador and to have at this accurate moment its name written in the book of the life, are attitude simple to believe and to accept what the Word of God tells and guarantees for its allegiance, who to make its decision really will be awarded and will have the fulfilment of everything what it is written, you believes. It today wants to confess its faith.

It reads this in its Bible. Isaiah 66:8 – 11 Who never heard such thing? Who saw things similar? It could be made to be born a land in one alone day? Would be born a nation of one alone time? But Sio was of childbirth and already it gave to the light its children. Would open I it madre, and he would not generate? you says; would generate I, and I would close madre? your God says. You rejoice you with Jerusalem, and you cheer to you for it, you all the ones you love that it; you full you for it of joy, all the ones that for it pranteastes; So that you suck, and you are satiated of the chests of its consolaes; so that you suck, and you delight in the abundance of its glory. We are the people of the future the new people of the thing also wants to be part of this people today.?