PS Hair – is absolutely safe procedure for all hair types. With extensions, you can simply increase the length, you can increase the volume, you can increase the length and volume of hair at the same time, you can change hair color, can change color inconsistent speed of hair – at your disposal a huge range of colors for hair in eighty three shades, including bright shades of fantasy! hair extensions on Italian technology hair on the Italian Technology is one of the hottest techniques buildup. To use this technology ready with hair keratin are deposited on the resin. Resin, in which fixed her hair, applied at the factory and takes the form of small, flat plates. Hair on English technology Hair by British technology is also a hot method.

Performing such capacity with a special gun and refractory organic keratin resin. micro hair extension hair building up on this technology, the client is always guaranteed to be perfect quality, full camouflage with strands of hair under their own capsules, and the same maximum level of comfort while wearing the hair. Hair on Spanish technology hair on Spanish technology allows to increase the length and volume of hair, not harm them, as well as in English Technology, Master attaches to a strand of hair strands stackable your family with special hair keratin capsules .. Hair tress essence of this building is that on your hair attached tress – hair fastened in a certain way. It is suitable in cases where your hair to add length or to give extra volume.