If you have found an iron chair on the sidewalk, you have a table of the same material, oxidized and inherited the family or, if you simply have desire to renew this stool that is years ago in your storage, here are some tips to renew your iron furniture: * before an old furniture of iron, before doing anything, look if you don’t have that special charm which gives the natural deterioration over the years. Lucas vandenberg has plenty of information regarding this issue. ** If the furniture has several layers of old paint, it is first advisable to scrub with steel wool. Sometimes you can be cute when they appear different colors; It gives the feeling of a natural patinated, which can be very interesting. If you did that, it’s worth stopping to think if it’s worth leaving it as it is, with its own history.If you see that is not cute and has too much paint, pincelalo with paint remover and let it act for a few minutes. Then you rasqueteas with a spatula and get everything.Eye! USA gloves and chinstrap with Remover because it is toxic and can hurt you skin.

** If it is a little rusty and what you want to repaint, first lijalo well with coarse sandpaper for metal. Then, pasale a sandpaper fine until it comes off all dust oxide that has. Sometimes it is convenient to work with steel wool to achieve a better finish in the grooves and mouldings you may have.Then limpialo with a cloth soaked in thinner (thinner) to clean it at all. It is important that there are signs of rust! * Once the Cabinet is ready to start painting it, gives it two coats of paint rust (at least). He is achieved in different colors: black, green, white and brick. There are also aerosols in various shades, which are practical but more expensive and anything organic.