Regulatory requirements. Production of doors shall not be subject to compulsory certification, but it does not mean that the requirements of gost thus can be ignored. In practice they are ignored too often. If the enterprise makes the door to individual order, it is essential not matter. What is good and what is bad – is measured by the customer.

If the doors are sold in the store as a standard product – their compliance with regulatory requirements is mandatory. But most (Especially small) producers do not even show a passport for the products, according to a Standard product is manufactured. By the way, if there is a passport for the products when buying the same good to see. Thus, the binding Certification is not provided. But if the company has implemented a voluntary manufacturer certification, it means that the requirements specified below regulatory requirements listed in the product are met. gost 6629-88 'wooden interior doors for residential and public buildings' gost 14624-84 Interstate standard wooden doors for industrial buildings gost 3024494 Building materials.

Test methods for flammability snip II-3-79 * 'Building Heat Engineering' snip II-12-77 'Noise protection' (index of the reduced level of impact noise, iv, Db. Residential buildings, the doors of apartments overlooking the stairwells, in hallways, lobbies and corridors of not less than 30.) In This article does not point lead all contained herein. Just no need to examine these claims, if you intend to purchase doors for household use. What is important is that the manufacturing facility adhere to those requirements. Confirmation of this – the only one. Availability of certificate. How to choose a door. Recommendations. If you have enough patience to read all of the above, how to choose quality door you already know. A budget, which is highlighted at this event will determine basically kind of finishing and glazing. Nevertheless, what is required of you before going in search of Doors: – determine the budget – the main direction of the design – the required dimensions – options for opening the doors – the technical requirements (sound, water resistance, fire resistance) – assess the need for additional elements (doors mezzanine), similar in design to the door). – Make a rough measurement doorways and wall thickness.