History of Karaoke has lasted for decades. Initially, things went from Japan, then received a large spread around the world, including in our country. More recently, quality background music karaoke left much to be desired, but it took just a few years, everything has changed. Sure you will say that the development of technology is not standing still and you’ll be absolutely right. How it all began and what we have today, as I just want to tell. It all began with the appearance of normal midi files that are written in a certain way the lyrics and basic melody.

Thus it came to karaoke to which all are so accustomed to. Went on sale inexpensive equipment and a large number of CDs with songs for karaoke. Since then, a boom in karaoke singing, as virtually everyone could afford to buy the necessary equipment. And then … Take care neighbors! Remember what happened to our resorts. They sang all.

Who can and can not. But this format was karaoke and there is one major drawback – poor sound quality. A cause is still the same midi format. For better sound required expensive sound cards and banks are more serious tones. Because of the absence, the sound of individual instruments was simply awful, not like the original. And then replace the usual karaoke backing tracks come! You ever seen that would be professional musicians in concert sang to midi? I think not. Each of them has a professionally recorded soundtrack (minus one). Then why should we not with you sing backing tracks? On the Internet is a huge number of sites offering free minus the most popular songs and artists. Also, you can find forums for the exchange of their owners. In any case, if you wish, you can find the lyrics practically any song or do it yourself using special software. Friends, sing and give joy to your family!