Revolution from below one of the main reasons why classic marketing often fails because of the Internet, is the Division of provider and customer. In TV commercials, on magazine pages and billboards advertising is delivered by the provider to the customer, unless it has a direct relation. He can be persuaded by the message or not, but ultimately ends his sphere of influence in his wallet. This limit becomes blurred in the digital space. Authors and readers, manufacturers and users, Star and fans closer together and interact with each other on various levels. The Exchange is direct, immediate and increasingly excludes those information sources that maintains one-way communication.

If a user must decide between the rigid banners and a forum in which he can exchange with others of the same product and inform, it is clear, as his decision. This is where the concept of Forum marketing is applied. The advertising campaign through Internet forums presents itself not as advertising, which forced the user to will be, but as an equal. The transmitter of an advertising message is active in the Forum on a specific topic as a normal user. He takes part in the everyday life and the communication of the Forum, expressed in discussion and current topics.

The credibility or confidence is good behavior out of the question, since the forums a user like any other marketer. The advertising messages take the form of links and embedded references that fit in the context and do not appear as a foreign body. A man in the digital space, visiting forums, to inform and to share his interests, thus perceives the posts as honest option. The stuck image of marketing, which wants to manipulate consumers and sell him the pig in a poke, breaks through the intelligent use of Forum marketing. Establishment and stumbling blocks the Internet Forum marketing is purpose weapon, nor miracle cures. The implementation of a campaign requires sensitivity and understanding of the possibilities of the strategy in various areas. For example, it is easier for topics such as computer technology and travel, which is strongly represented in the Internet and are much discussed, to create an authentic and far-reaching presence. On issues such as hydraulic cylinders or storage tank for polyurethane, Forum marketing is then much more difficult and ineffective. The correct use and the training of employees can be a huge hurdle. A marketer must not fall on forums by intrusiveness and ignorance, which he or they run the risk of spam to be declared and banned from forums. At the same time, a too passive or inconspicuous behaviour is unproductive, because not enough attention among users is generated. An agency that wants to orient themselves in the direction of Forum marketing, must provide employees with the proper skill and technical know-how, but be wearable at the same time economically.