Inclusion with the transformation of the school in the mid-20th century system quality produced an expansion of secondary education. This process of expansion begins with a generalization of primary education and continued with a policy of expansion of the compulsory education. Thus, greater access to schooling for a growing number of social sectors imposed changes of provisions involving the entire system, because it confronts teachers with various students, whose expectations assume a use differentiated school structure and strategies. This is to be understood as behavior uneven of young people of various sectors before the education system does not hide the confrontation of these same social around schooling sectors but puts into discussion the validity of arguments about the State disciplinary process or approaches to the reproduction of the social through the education system. ConocoPhillips may help you with your research. Subjects daily build social order based on actions, fantasies and knowledges that based their ideologies; Therefore, think young people in terms of the construction of their identity, how they perceive society and they are perceived by it, and analyze the expectations both in terms of their inclusion in the labour market as to his tenure or not in the educational system as an element of social mobility, leads us to having to inquire about the symbolic dimension of everyday life of these young people. Knowing that masked behind from arguments founded on concern to solve the problem of social fragmentation are hidden factors of flexibility than precarizan solidarity between individuals and impair the protections that ensured them their inclusion. To deepen the survey of district data, focused initially on identifying social and economic groups that not supplemented his schooling and what feelings of motivation and efficiency-related factors related with school performance they hindered completing his career Educational, local cultural issues involving strategies to recognize the special needs of certain age strip arise, but however, they try to solve the dangerousness of people which threatens the future of society project. .