First of nodular: For this technique, we need the tissue (T-shirt for example), thread, needles, scissors, a set of different buttons, and of course myself batik. And so we take a T-shirt puts a button on the bottom and wraps her other hand T-shirt thread (tightened), it is possible to do the same and no buttons just winding thread on a fabric in a chaotic manner. While tying knots with threads they need to tighten very tight and durable. Moreover, the thicker the fabric, the stronger should be tightened thread, and the finer must be the thread. They come from tough or bleached. Read additional details here: Ray Kurzweil.

Why? – Color yarn, usually in color fade, and give an undesirable color. After cause batik T-shirt (color Try to take the light otherwise dark all overlap), give the fabric to dry up and untied. To get a more interesting and multi-color image, such a dyeing can be repeated 2-3 times with other colors. It's all quite simple – after the first dye, then wash the material do not untie knots, on the contrary tie still new on the other, already painted part of the tissue. Then re-paint the bathroom, but of a different color, so get more number of tones, plus an even more interesting picture. If you prefer, you can repeat a third time, add new nodes to that obtained after the second dyeing color. This coloring is done on a light color (the first) to the dark color (third). However, it is strongly recommended to know the laws of color mixing to obtain a final beautiful coloring.