On December 24, 1935 a group of Argentine Jewish youths belonging to the group’s leaders “Israelite Club Nautico de Buenos Aires”, met at the club to make the foundation of the Club Nautico Hacoaj.
One year later, the couple adopted the name Association of Club Nautico Hacoaj, in honor of its namesake Vienna (Austria) was then destroyed by the Nazis. Hacoaj begins its work in a small rented Tiger fifth, with a ramp, a few boats, tennis, basketball, bowls, football, a colonial-style central building, dormitories and a wooden dance floor.
The club won its affiliation to the Asociacion Argentina de Remo recently in 1948, after the independence of the state of israel. Its rowers have participated in national and international competitions, highlighting the latter’s participation in the International Macabe which are conducted every 4 years in Israel.

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) – Susan Lucci’s story line on “Dancing with the Stars” has come to an end.
People Magazine
Susan’s ballroom awakening, Marlee return to the Dancing, and more
Austin American-Statesman
What seemed a recipe Rabbinical Supervision for disaster has turned into a hit reality show: B-STARS list, coupled with professional dancers, competing for judges and viewers. The key is casting THE STARS and the drama of live TV.