The night brings in its bulge great mysteries, it can raise the state of spirit of any alive being. People mrbidas in its recondite ones wait the sacred hour, this are the moment where the city sleeps and the mind wanders in the sea of the tranquillity, in the subconscious mind. Seeing the yearnings to arise and the calm that as many searches to overflow. At this moment she has a levelling of desires, utopias, between that they search the calmness in the enigmatic dawn and taciturna. The day is very blinding, showing with clarity the image of a being, to put does not see moreover, that is, we only can see the rind of the people and this in the blind person.

However the night is the perfection of the nature, therefore with this our directions are sharpened, start to hear, to enxergar, to listen and I smell to feel it of what it attracts in them. We obtain to see beyond the corporal wrap of the people. The thoughts and the soul we obtain to touch them. For this reason the dark, mysterious and dissocivel night is my only friend, true and faithful, therefore always at the moments of ardor greater always I can count on it, and always she will be ready to help me, in any place of the world. When the moment of our meeting Arrives, sees my buried desires excited you distress and them of the day. I silence it that meeting at this glorious moment leaves me inert e, as already I mentioned, my directions are more refined, my concentration is so great that I can block all the directions, leaving only one, this in turn functions with great intensity. I obtain to hear the whistle of the nocturnal guard that finishes to pass in my quarter I sing, it of a owl that sobrevoa my house.