During the existence of a gaming console came out a lot of PC games, among them a race, shooting games, strategy. Ability to make some were popular for a while, others were not even popular, but there are those that for ten years with neshodili fasting 'most popular game. " Among them Counter-Strike, Half-life. There's also a game kotoyre a relatively recent Call of Duty 4 (the other parts were not so successful and popular), STALKER, and others. This article focuses specifically on the game STALKER – the most popular game of domestic production. STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl has been recognized as the most atmospheric game of 2007, which I personally fully solglasen, the atmosphere literally rolls over – walking along the Pripyat River, watching the weather effects, realistic storm, enjoying quite a large arsenal of you know that STALKER – it's not just a game.

This is a real life simulator stalker, if I may say so. Chernoybylya shadow – the first game of the series, published in mid-March 2007. Before its release, many have criticized the project, laughed at him, but after all, simply put 'ofigel' of the game, there are rumors that the game is played even by Vladimir Putin. Of course, after passing game to pass it zanogo does not want, I want something new. To do this, and come up with modifications. In principle, modification yavlyaetsya just the set of modified game files – configuration files, scripting, etc. Fashion are quite different. There are a surprising number of mods that alter the characteristics of the weapons simply, or do day longer than the night.

These modes, as the rules are not polzuyutsya very popular, usually much appreciated by those that are added new weapons, as well as global. Download the new stalker mode, you can visit the team KFS-Team Global fashion – fashion is that change is not specific parameters, such as weapons, and some, of course fashion, changed the texture of the AK-74 and its characteristics will not be global. Typically, a global fashion weigh about 100-1000Mb, there are certainly more. During the time of the game was released a very large number of mods for Stalker, but not all stalker fashion was popular. Very AMK mod was popular, folk Salsola, OGSM, Shoker mod, of course it's not all fashion, which were very popular and those that liked the players, I just wrote those modes that nravyatsya just me.