According to the media and some economic analysts, global capitalism is on the brink of the abyss. With oil prices around 100 and financial markets in panic, eyes turn as always to the United States. His fall was inevitable, they say, would end one of the periods of global economic expansion more broad and sustained over the past hundred years. President Alan Garc a asked the businessmen and all sectors of the country to maintain trust, not lose composure and continue to invest despite the financial crisis affecting world markets, as in any way Peru will fall into recession in the coming years. “I am required to say as Head of state: have confidence, do not lose their composure, do not believe that Peru will fall into recession, anything can happen unless the Peru fall into recession in 2009 or in 2011, continue with their projects and its investments, banish fear, “he said during the closing ceremony of the 46th Annual Conference of Executives (CADE) 2008. In this regard, said that employers who prefer to see “what happens” and does not risk to invest at this time “making a grave error” because the results you get in a short future will be extremely auspicious. “This is no time to wait but to invest,” he said, while asserting that Peru, for the favorable macroeconomic conditions you have, “is a safe haven for investment amid the current financial turmoil. In his view, within 18 months will be “the reconnection of the world economy, thanks to enormous technological and productive resources with which it currently and also for the reinvestment of capital into various sectors have been a result of this juncture. But despite that the same president of Peru encourages investment, business and National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (Confiep) demanded the Government to take concrete measures to reduce the disruption caused by the financial crisis in the United States through a contingency plan to address the international economic crisis, which will be presented by the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF), Luis Valdivieso. President Alan Garc a announced yesterday that this plan would be presented by the Minister of Economy, this report will have the sums of money which has to invest and launch a countercyclical policy (allowing times to spend more on lower income). Also include the savings from the State and the funds committed in the form of credits (if necessary use), we would provide agencies like the World Bank, IDB and CAF Moreover, the contingency plan will identify the physical works-roads, schools and hospitals being built so that they can accelerate their development. Cave noted that as time progresses, the pockets of Latin American countries are falling: The Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) suffered a sharp decline of 1.88 , which placed its main indicator, the Bombay index (CPI), at 28,317.92 points. In the same vein, the index of the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires recorded a decline of 1 to 2128.94 integers.