Do much do you know of? The adherents of the traditional games of questions and answers, whose objective is to test the general culture or notions about a particular topic, can already measure their knowledge via the Internet. History, literature, geography or science are some of the cultural areas in which focuses many of these on-line tests, but also accommodates other disciplines of entertainment such as cinema or football.What King of Spain was also Emperor? What group put you music to the TV series 7 vidas? Do in which culture first appeared written numbers? As these and other similar questions are frequent in various Board games or television where participants put to test their cultural knowledge. Now, thanks to new technologies, the adherents to this type of testing can measure their general notions of culture or a theme defined with a simple click of the mouse.In addition to the playful approach and entertainment they have these online games for adults, they can also leverage educational purposes for the youngest. Teachers can organize competitions in class among the students to encourage their learning, or use them as a tool to assess the acquisition of knowledge in a given subject. The elderly also found benefits in these test cultural, with them they exercise memory and learn to handle tools and to occupy their leisure time. General culture the month of may, the Ministry of Culture launched network game of questions and answers, a proposal to facilitate access to culture through its website. It’s simple test related topics such as art, film, literature, geography and history or science and technology, among others, and for the more daring, there is also the possibility to measure their knowledge of all issues at once.The player has three lives to overcome the three levels of the game and at the end gets the fact about the score achieved and its position in the ranking of the participants. .