Test explicitly desired food, 01.09.10 the new and innovative social commerce platform revvler goes off immediately under with the first closed beta release online. At the same time, the team of revvler loads officially to the test a. We are very proud to share the fun and the experience around revvler now with many people and are confident that it will show that not only representative for the entire Ruhr area to the European capital of culture 2010 was food, but also forward is a step in the field of new media. Very true to the motto, eating Internet can! “, so the Founder Marc Kornblum and Mike Wagener.” The?”Essen project? revvler” imitating? a successful process of development and building, the next step on the way to completion. Revvler with this release, the mix of shopping and networking, shows clearly the to the buy and sell, inform, share and compare, evaluate and recommend invites. In addition to the already well-known attributes of revvler, the the purely technical and emotionless purchase or sales process to forget? some features and functions were in the last days? implements.

To?,? to the?Example,? the innovative matching, which automatically generates the connection of supply and demand and therefore of buyer and seller, is completed. In addition to the matching is also the possibility of negotiating new on revvler? interpreted. For the first time, can he?Seller to? a bid for his article, submit a counteroffer or suggest other options, such as volume discounts. This exchange of members is just to themselves and making revvler lively, personal, versatile and modern. The development of revvler continues in the future. Many ideas and improvements are still under development or are tested already internally. Opens revvler other networks in the near future and thus externally a broad public. For the closed beta you can register easily now under. Members have therefore the chance is their benefited from the experience and the resonance of the first members favorite user name back up and the team around revvler.