During the winter months quickly to gain excess pounds, one wants to get rid of quickly. But how do you make of the easiest The drug Formoline L112 from the chemist can certainly provide quick relief. It reduces calorie intake from dietary fat contained by the fibrous L112, who shall possess a very high fat binding capacity. Thus Formoline L112 can bind a large proportion of dietary fats in the intestine, which is then eliminated naturally. Thus, the body of these fats are no longer available. Formoline L112, welchesim essentially of the elements “-1 ,4-polymer of D-glucosamine and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine, vitamin C, tartaric acid, magnesium stearate vegetable ‘is to be taken in tablet form with meals. During the weight reduction will be taken 2 times daily 2 tablets Formoline L112 to the fatty meal. Once you reach the desired weight reduction, ranging from 1 tablet 2 times a day to keep the weight down. Side effectsFormoline of L112, in rare cases, allergic reactions are known for crustaceans, and constipation or bloating at the beginning of the application, but these usually disappear after a few days of application. A dose of Formoline L112 is also possible in combination with the pill or other medication, you should do so, however, read the package insert or consult your physician.