In this respect, we all were lucky. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Futurist. In Russia, the weight of high idle defense plants ready to produce anything, just would not completely fail. We are at a relatively low cost mass production of wheels are available, which in the West consider it appropriate to use for sports and racing cars (production technology there is somewhat different.) Forgings obtained by gradual deformation of the workpiece is processed and rendered entirely on the machines with a cutting tool. As a result, very many of the metal burns and goes to the chips – lost more than half the spent material. For implementation of these actions require expensive, complex and powerful equipment (capacity of the press is 20 tons).

But the benefits of full machining products is obvious: strength higher than steel wheels, 2.5 times and exceeding 2 times the level required by GOST plastic properties. This is due to persistence of the metal fiber structure. Therefore, under the influence of extreme dynamic loads such wheels do not inject, and crushed, and no cracks does not occur – you can try to align. Also, there is a reduction of mass in comparison with cast wheels on the 15-20% (with a steel stamped – at 40-55%), very high damping capacity, lack of foundry shells and harmful internal stresses, the maximum geometrical precision and lack of imbalance, high corrosion resistance for aluminum wheels (no protective coating). In this regard, maximum performance gain we get by using magnesium as a material. Its density is 4.5 times less than steel and 1.5 times – than that of aluminum. Forged magnesium wheels are called 'the wheels of the future'. Their damping capacity of several tens of times higher and the weight to 35% lower than that of forged aluminum. The only shortcoming Forged wheels – this is their price (although it is significantly lower than that of the cast of eminent foreign counterparts). Yes More, perhaps, the fact that for some cars they are perhaps 'too good': in a serious accident, they remain intact, but the suspension will come to a common denominator (although a similar approach to the problem is very debatable).