Fleet of Australian airline will not withdraw until further notice Qantas announced that its A will not take off 380 fleet until further notice. This decision is to be welcomed. Unlike the rival Singapore Airlines or Lufthansa has is Qantas opted for the more powerful version of the Trent 900 engine: the Trent 972 by Rolls Royce. With the power of 320 kN (kilonewtons), the Trent 972 could model that called “tuned” version of the Trent 970 motors, who after all also massive 311 kN but has more reserves. Trent 972 has a fairly new engine and provides a real long term testing not yet. Now, a massive damage occurred on a Trent 972 in Singapore. This engine had a runtime of about 5,000 hours behind. Qantas now has the problem that the likelihood of further claims on Trent risen dramatically 972 engines with similar maturity.

Especially, if a design flaw is accepted as published by Qantas. Until the cause of the damage not is clearly identified and fixed, it is hard to answer, to employ Trent 972 motors with about 5,000 hours of service in service. At least the A 380 Qantas has three Trent 972 with about 5,000 hours of mileage under his wings. Go to Professor of Internet Governance for more information. Read about “the Airbus A 380 in the cross-fire”. Peter Haisenko has already described this problem in this article on the 6.11.2010. airbus_a380_singapur_qantas.html more in GT – – the online magazine of the global village.

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