A technique to perform a fast reading is as follows: you can read faster than usual, but first and foremost, is most important understanding, because anything worth read 1000 words per minute; If can’t understand anything. As we are immersed in an increasingly competitive and globalised world and time currently is scarce, so, we consume much time to read something, whether it is magazines, newspapers or even the large amount of information that facilitates the internet. So, here I explain a technique that will help you save time, as a Despite increasing the speed of reading, you can retain all more effectively in your memory. As a starting point, let’s say in this sense, the first rule, techniques of speed reading to an unknown topic must not be applied or that is difficult to our understanding, because the difficult or unknown will require more time reading than the easy. We must first know what it is about the topic, if it is a novel, a story, a biography, noting if it is summarized or if we are interested in all the chapters that compose them. We can also detect if a portion of the text It is already known or interested, this could help us save time in reading. Taking into account the time of reading.

For example, if you choose one of your subjects to read for 30 minutes. Write down the amount of words you’ve read per minute. Do this for three consecutive days and you’ll see how much you have improved in speed and comprehension.Then choose two or three days later another subject or theme, check your speed, noticing very noticeable changes; but above all stay alert if you understand enough.