Future-oriented IT architecture is service for the craft improve Cologne, July 23, 2009 the increasing shift of administrative action in the IT sector, as well as the implementation of the European services directive (see background to the EU services directive\”) requires an adjustment of their IT infrastructure by the German Chambers of Commerce. For this reason the 48 Chambers of handicrafts of the Community initiative had decided handwerkskammer.de this to give the concept of a complete E-government infrastructure at the consultancy INFORA in order. Goal was to create a mature implementation plan, which clearly goes beyond the topic existing concepts. By a uniform basic concept for 48 Chambers of handicrafts in Germany was commissioned, the costs could be divided between this 48 Chambers. The concept creates the conditions for a uniform and cross-Chamber structure with native interfaces. Harald Brandes, Chairman of the initiative handwerkskammer.de and \”Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of crafts of Wiesbaden, says: with this concept handwerkskammer.de proves, that the Chambers of skilled crafts are promptly and in the shoulder to shoulder new challenges and initiate the necessary measures quickly and counteracted.\” The concept was worked out by now, the Chambers pass and foresees a gradual realization. These include a consolidation of all existing data, as well as the introduction of customer relationship management (CRM), document management (DMS), transaction processing and workflow, portal, electronic signature, data services, etc. A service-oriented approach was elected, which allows the Chambers of skilled crafts in the future to accept all incoming information electronically and process.

The staff of the Chambers of Commerce have the complete overview of all open transactions and their status at any time and can provide information quickly and thus comprehensively. Disruptive media breaks in the Drastically reduce clerical and enables parallel access to files. By means of the portal solution in the future each client of the Chamber of crafts is given the opportunity to see his own business transactions over the Internet and to monitor their progress.