Currently among adolescents there is a real epidemic of obesity. In addition, every fifth teenager there is an increased level of cholesterol. Researchers found obese children are three times more likely to have elevated blood cholesterol levels. Earlier in the U.S. at the federal level, it was recommended to conduct a survey of children to obesity. Now doctors believe that an equally important problem was the increased level of cholesterol. If a child is found elevated cholesterol levels, then with high probability in adult life he was waiting for cardio-vascular system. To avoid this, we must adhere to special diets with high fiber content, as well as active sports. Dr. Julie Brothers, a pediatric cardiologist, who works at the Clinic Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, is not surprised that today's children have problems with overweight. A high cholesterol – one of the consequences of this. For proper weight loss in obese children is very effective diet: reducing sugar in the diet, increasing fruit and vegetable, the growth of physical activity. Only 1 out of 500 children in need of medical correction of weight – this is the case, if obesity is caused by hereditary factors or giperholesteriniey. Also for parents of children suffering from obesity and high level cholesterol developed specific recommendations. Already from the age of two children should receive low-fat diet. For example, whole milk is better to prefer low-fat. More fiber – they contribute to utilization of cholesterol and cleanse the bowel. Very useful fruits and vegetables. And it is very important that the children quite a lot of moving. Dr. Brothers believes that the lack of exercise – one of the major problems of modern children. Instead of tv and computer to better organize a joint trip and make it truly interesting. Promote healthy eating habits in children will help to ensure that in adulthood they will have no problems with heart and being overweight.