And so it has to be and I am the first to defend him. But almost in all areas, especially if there are interests at stake that deserve quick protection, allows the Administration to act provisionally at the expense of what, finally, say the courts. Look who monitors the traffic and who can even immobilize you car or prevent you from driving. Of course, then you recurriras, the courts that will have the last word. What has been proposed in the law Sinde is a more careful than the surveillance system of the traffic. It is monitored by the Administration and is requested to the courts before the fine that verify the violation by a court.

I think that it respects any examination of constitutionality. Canon digital Baptist has also defended the so-called digital canon (the rate levied a priori any appliance or bracket capable of reproducing or copying a file) and has gone beyond pointing again to the operators of telephony as a possible source of financing for creators: SGAE has reflected that, in the current situation, also should consider a remuneration payable by the telephone companies for such use () as we make box with communications and Costa of the authors. A solution of this kind in the future scheme may need for Internet, if it is not possible to channel its use to licensed (pay-per-view) platforms. What is clear, in the meantime, it would be a necessary compensation for creators. We will work on it.

Responsible for SGAE recognizes that the application of the levy (whose application in Spain a European Court has described abusive when applied to legal persons – firms, fundamentally-) need improvements: authors, artists, and industry suffer damage by the existence of private copies. The law establishes a system based on which such compensation, paid the that manufactured them, is obtained with an amount on each support distributed in the market. It thus establishes an indirect system and which facilitates an amount by very low device. Obviously we know that there are people who do not buy to record and others that everything what you buy used to record. But the system would be inapplicable if you abide to the specific situation of each person. Beyond establish exceptions for the administration or enterprises. You can still improve establishing protocols for those companies that prove a purchase for purposes clearly other than the copy, may request reimbursement. We are working on that. Of course, that makes the system more complicated and costly and will always have to strike a balance.