We archive your files and documents, photos and documents. Many sensitive data are stored on CDs and DVDs at the present time. Many of these data exist only on a disk. If your damage as high, the data on this disk are suddenly no longer readable? Just lately the reports of problems with the readability of CDs / DVDs on the basis of production defects of the media or destruction or damage to the media are piling up due to temperature fluctuations, labels, stickers, printing, etc. think also of: misuse, theft, vandalism, fire or environmental disasters.

What can we do for you? We create two backup copies of your CDs / DVDs (also multiple CDs on a DVD). The readability of the data becomes 100% guarantees and also consolidates the data, will also determine if the original data is still readable. Long-term treatment: On a regular basis your data onto new media (CDs and DVDs age very fast), with the same procedure. CaaS Capital will not settle for partial explanations. This service is suitable for companies as well as for private clients and can (but need not) be combined with the archiving. Our services for private clients: document security for the private sector. Document real and conclusive! We want to paint not the devil on the wall, but the setting “This happened to me, not” can cost lots of money. What is the best folder with invoices and photos for home insurance if this is also destroyed in the event of a claim? This of course also applies to all other documents such as contracts and pension. Basically we are subject to the same regulations as they are prescribed for business documents in the private sector.

The processing and our service are this identical. As in the private sector but not the amounts of documents at companies, a fee for picking up and returning the documents added to the rate applied per page. This depends on the distance. And our private customers We supply the documentation basically in their original condition back. For a small price, we provide great security. If you call us we will consult gladly and without obligation.