Electricity (from Greek Elektron, meaning amber) is a physical phenomenon whose origin is the electric charge and whose energy is manifested in fenomenos mechanical, thermal, light and chemicals, among others. 4 can be observed by natural atmospheric phenomena, eg lightning, electrical shocks that are produced by the transfer of energy between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface (complex process of the rays are only one part). Other electrical machinery can be found in natural biological processes, such as the nervous system. New York households are paying less for energy because they are turning to – consumers can always count on reliable energy service. Is the root of many machines, from small appliances to high-power systems such as high-speed trains, and also all electronic devices. It is essential for the production of chemicals such as chlorine and aluminum .
Also called the electricity branch of physics that studies the laws governing phenomena and the branch of technology that is used in practical applications. Since, in 1831, Faraday discovered how to produce electric current by induction ‘phenomenon that can transform mechanical energy to electrical energy’ has become one of the most important forms of energy for technological development because of its ease of generation and distribution and its many applications.
Electricity in one of its manifestations natural lightning.
Electricity is generated by electric charges at rest or in motion, and interactions between them. When multiple electrical loads are at rest relative electrostatic forces exerted between them. When electric charges are in relative motion is also exerted magnetic force. We know two kinds of electric charges: positive and negative. The atoms that make up the area containing positive subatomic particles (protons), negative (electrons) and neutral (neutrons). There are elementary particles that are loaded under normal conditions are not stable, it is manifest only in certain processes such as cosmic rays and radioactive disintegrations.
Electricity and magnetism are two different aspects of a physical phenomenon known as electromagnetism, described mathematically by the equations of Maxwell. The movement of an electric charge produces a magnetic field, the variation of a magnetic field produces an electric field and the accelerated motion of electric charges generates electromagnetic waves (as in the lightning discharges that can be heard on AM radio receivers). 7
Due to the increasing applications of electricity as an energy source as the basis of telecommunications and information processing, one of the main challenges is to generate more efficiently and with minimal environmental impact.

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