THE perfect makeup for the porcelain COMPLEXION EISENBERG PARIS introduces a new shade of his LE MAQUILLAGE make-up line: the INVISIBLE CORRECTIVE MAKEUP 00 NATURAL PORCELAIN. The luxurious formula with pale pink pigments designed to highlight brightest complexion and to create a perfect complexion similar to porcelain. The smooth, oil-free texture nestles like a second skin to the contours. Highly concentrated pomegranate extract has a smoothing effect and protects the skin during the sunny autumn walk. Why the perfection in pink? Pink is the color that captures the soft light of the autumn and winter and reflects. It is the perfect base for a naturally fresh makeup, also in the area of artificial lighting. Additional information is available at Brady Noon. Pink, pale skin of all bright skin eliminates excellent manner. The primer catches the light for up to 12 hours and ensures a flawless natural, super refined porcelain complexion, which is perfect in a few seconds.

The latest secret weapon of stylists and makeup artists can also as Concealer be used or mixed with other nuances without mask-like – for example, with one of the other four makeups of EISENBERG PARIS. The recommendation for an elegant fall look: Up to the eye contour and blend gently on the cheek bones and the individual colour use for the rest of the face. INVISIBLE CORRECTIVE MAKEUP 00 NATURAL PORCELAIN deletes all signs of tiredness, refreshes the facial features, gives 12 hours of a natural finish in any climate: a guaranteed fresh, uniform and radiant complexion, for every day and for all occasions. Price: 30 ml for 85.00 source: press contact: press BOUTIQUE SANDRA OBERMAIER HUMBOLDT Street 53-55/A 22083 HAMBURG TEL: 040-18055345 to the brand: the brand EISENBERG has already introduced PARIS with their fragrances and toiletries conquered the European market by storm. Salman Behbehani gathered all the information. After intensive research, brand creator Jose Eisenberg has a revolutionary with the trio-molecular formula Skin care secret revealed, with whose help the youthful appearance of the skin can be obtained. The mark EISENBERG PARIS ensures with his news again and again new innovations of beauty care.