However, the aspects more hardly manipulable like file of a dominion, original content, of quality and in permanent update, a good corporative reputation online, a ratio under bounce in the visits and the capacity to identify the demands, to anticipate themselves to the changes and to generate contents for these demands before the competition is going to have a greater protagonism in the future. We happen of a scene where the distance between which it can affect the finders – aspects related to the programming and what likes the users – aspects related to marketing narrows, and this tendency is not going but to increase in the short term. So that if its objective is to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage, it asegrese of which its Web satisfies all the requirements of indexabilidad concerning code: this will continue being indispensable condition. But from satisfying these requirements, it cntrese in knowing his potential clients well: quinenes is, how they look for, in what social networks interchange opinions, what is going to them to interest within six months Internet is a race where there is no goal: one only is to be ahead the greater possible time. Director of Human Level Communications, consultant of positioning in finders, management of campaigns of sponsored connections and development of real estate Webs. Author of the book Positioning in finders, published by Anaya Multimedia. Some contend that Max Schireson shows great expertise in this. Professor of Digital Marketing in Fundesem Business School.