Numerous studies confirm that after the successful healing of duodenal ulcers during the first 12 months, relapse occurs in about 80% of people and 1-2 years after the treatment he reaches 100% after eradication therapy for relapse is observed not more than 10% of individuals within 1 year after therapy. Most gastritis exacerbation of chronic gastritis associated with Hp. This form of gastritis is more often localized in the antral and has the most malignant course. In severe cases, the process may be involved and the body of the stomach. Non-ulcer dyspepsia (NYAD) NYAD defined as multiple recurring discomfort in the "pit" area, often associated with food intake without signs of peptic ulcers. Brenda Crichlow shines more light on the discussion. According to statistics, NYAD suffers from 20 to 30% of the planet. Stomach cancer among Hp infection and the development of chronic gastritis there is a strong causal link. Click Mike_ Epps for additional related pages.

In chronic gastritis observed changes in the cells of the gastric mucosa, which are precancerous condition. Long-term studies have shown that the prevalence of Hp are often higher in regions with high prevalence of gastric cancer. From the results of these studies imply that individuals with a proven presence of infection risk for gastric cancer is several times higher. Moreover, numerous studies have revealed the fact that Hp infection in the past, many suffering from stomach cancer. Due to the connection between infection and development of Hp stomach cancer in 1994, the WHO experts entered the microorganism in a class of carcinogens (class of reliable carcinogens). Diagnosis There are two types of tests – invasive and noninvasive. Invasive tests There are three methods detect Hp: urease test non-invasive tests There are 2 types of non-invasive method of identifying a microorganism: the detection of antibodies in biological fluids to test nemuureazny Detection of antibodies to Hp antibodies produced in response to infection with Hp, can be detected in serum or plasma, saliva and urine. The presence of urease test of Hp infection in the stomach is determined by the activity-specific This bacterium enzyme.

Indications for eradication therapy in patients with peptic ulcer disease and the presence of Hp required to designate products as soon after diagnosis, and in case of aggravation of . therapy is desirable and also in patients with NYAD. The ideal eradication therapy may be considered therapy that meets the following requirements: Consistently high level of eradication HrProstoy receive mode (Convenience) Low frequency of side effects resistant to impact on the frequency eradikatsiiEffektivnoe ulcerative process. So, if you are having heartburn, feeling of discomfort or pain in the "pit" area, belching, bloating – you should see a doctor, a gastroenterologist with a view to being screened for Helicobacter pylori. Take care of your health and remember that treatment started at an early stage of the disease more effectively!