Often during the construction of a private home interior design and decorating are paying more attention than the internal engineering systems. However, without thoughtful communication comfort homes will only be external. On utilities a country house, usually spends about 15 – 25% of construction costs. Professionally designed and carried out by hot water system (DHW) is invisible in the house. About her the presence of a recall, when living space temperature deviates from the norm. For the interior will be of value items such hot water system, the visible areas of communications, and space heaters.

Warm floors greatly enhance the overall comfort of a private house. Also important for domestic hot water boiler and the type of system automation. Today there is a choice of several types of radiators for hot water domestic system. This is a sectional cast iron radiator (most common), bimetallic sectional radiator, aluminum radiator sectional, steel panel radiator, various heaters. Radiators, hot water different materials used in them and the cost.

Regarding pipelines should know a few basic points. Commonly used steel, copper pipes or pipes of different polymers. For hidden liner to radiators can not take the steel tubes. Other types of pipes are suitable for them to hide under the finish. Do not install copper pipes with sectional aluminum radiators. Modern heated floors are divided into two main types: water and electric. Along with heated floors and if you want to use and radiators (eg, windows). Most often, private (country) houses are heated independently. Today, there are large choice of boiler equipment. Widely used gas and multifuel boilers. Multifuel boilers use natural gas and fuel oil, sometimes solid fuels. Choosing a boiler of this type, we must remember that it is sufficient noisy. Typically, boilers are functioning in the domestic hot water with forced circulation of coolant. The boiler will stop as soon as the flow of electricity stops. Western manufacturers are now offering boilers, working on the principle of gravity. Their disadvantage is that the power failure turned off heated floors, as well as such boilers have low productivity. Depending on customer requirements and conditions use a simple control system hardware, or a complex microprocessor-controlled. Source: WAN – hot water