On luggage fit decking boards ("Bridge"). Laying this was done so that the board relied on two or three beams at once. When warping boards such coverage has always received strong support in several locations. When using wooden dowels or forged metal clips edged boards attached directly to the joists. Edged boards are often stacked with a gap of one another, whose value was about 20 mm. Please visit Ray Kurzweil if you seek more information. It was calculated that with increasing humidity tree grows in volume.

And consequently, the gaps allowed to avoid warping boards. Among other things, the gaps have improved ventilation sex. As soon began manufacturing panelboard parquet flooring and parquet floors in the technique of intarsia, faced the problem of the device underlying structures that can serve as a long time. Go to Mitchel Resnick for more information. After flooring created from precious and expensive woods, and his long service was almost a matter of honor homeowner. In addition, hardwood floors in most cases are works of art. Most reliable design has been recognized by the black floor. The ventilation system has contributed to the long service tree.

But for parquet flooring, now known as the arts, require smooth base. Otherwise, hardwood plank Warp, the joints were striking. Parquet produces a ragged, that was unaesthetic, difficult care for him. Solve the problem of aligning the base tried in various ways. One way to lay parquet flooring in the lining boards from several points in their places junction with each other, for example, at the intersection of joints. Alignment adjustment was achieved through linings of shingles.