Here we will show you some tips to pack your belongings before you store them in the portable minibodega of income: avoid loading too much weight on a single box. If you feel that you already loaded much one, divides the content into two boxes. Write the content on all four sides of the box. Books, magazines and other paper files can be very heavy. They are easy to carry, but very heavy when loading. Place in several boxes and always seeks to not put many in a single.

Wraps each item, either with paper, plastic or cloth to prevent scratches. For delicate items, use paper to wrap them. Please note that this setting will ensure that your porcelain or Crystal glasses remain intact. Before starting any type of wood within the minibodega furniture, varnishing and put them with wax to prevent moisture from damaging them. If your furniture can be disassembled do it, so you better take care of them. You can use a thick fabric or carpet n the ground to avoid scratches on the wood parts. Put the mattresses in bags Special to prevent them from absorbing moisture. You can get the bags at any hardware store.

If you’re going to save food, place them in jars or plastic containers. Do not keep them only in plastic foil or rodents could reach them. Save the electronic equipment in their original boxes. If you don’t go to the electronics store and ask for boxes of similar size. In the event that you do not find them pack them as if you were wrapping glass. Do not place CDs in plastic wrap, because if this heats up, the disc may be damaged. For metal objects, apply oil before wrapping them. Place a bit of naphthalene into boxes for storing clothes.