If you have a good draw, you should try to use program Corel Painter, perfectly imitating the traditional technique of creating images. In any case, you should learn at least one graphics editor to create and process the necessary images. Naturally, Web master must have an excellent knowledge language html, to be able to mark up any page. Thus it is desirable to use xhtml and abide by existing standards. While many uses for the layout of web pages dedicated program are often the best result can be achieved by working directly with the code.

It is recommended that you use the Notepad + +, much easier. Also required is knowledge of css, because today division and the style and content pages – a mandatory requirement. To work with css recommend using TopStyle Pro. Often, the webmaster is it called an expert who can make up a web page, but this is only a small part of the necessary skills. Modern site must be dynamic, while static websites is long gone. To create a dynamic site you can use a content management system, but for its setting need to be able to program in php. Good knowledge of php – another feature of a professional webmaster. It is also highly desirable ability to write queries to the database MySQL.

Not interfere and basic settings Web server Apache. It is also helpful to have basic information about working with xml and xsl. All this knowledge will help to create effective programs on the server, generating dynamic web pages. In order for and performed on the client side necessary programs should be explored JavScript. That is, the webmaster must be a good programmer who knows php and JavScript, as well versed in some additional technologies. Many people forget about it, but a good webmaster should also be a writer and editor. A rather important part of the site – content, ie its contents. Illiterate and very informative texts may negate all efforts at building a website. When writing texts should always remember about the features of search engine optimization and how it will be interesting text on my website. Additionally, the webmaster might need other skills. If the site is planned to use animation, you should understand the peculiarities of working with Flash-animation, and learn the language ActionScript. Be sure to know how to register your domain name and host your site on hosting. May need the knowledge to promote the site and attracting visitors to it. In any case, the profession of webmasters require extensive knowledge in various fields, and a beginner web master should think twice before you get on this path.