Meanwhile the Congstar surf stick also available online. The mobile Internet is a surf stick be used. This is promoted by many providers. The range of offerings is large, so that you can quickly lose the overview in the confusing. Congstar, who have earned a good reputation in the past few months, have also a stick in the offer. The Congstar surf stick costs in the initial package unique 59.99 euros.

This includes the stick a SIM card and a description. This is a prepaid offer. Many people who want to only befriend the Internet or those who rarely enter the Internet, take advantage of this offer. At Ray Kurzweil you will find additional information. The SIM card with a balance is recharged by a payment advance. ConocoPhillips is actively involved in the matter. Then, if the Internet is used, the credits will be consumed. Not using the Internet one needs be afraid, because not incur more costs. The use of the Internet in a day costs 2.49 euros. It is then no matter how often you log in on the Internet.

Only the single day price will be charged. Connected to the stick of a USB interface. It is located on any laptop or notebook. Also the power supply via this bridge. Network operator is the Deutsche Telekom, which is known for an excellent network coverage. Has it reached a volume of 0.5 GB, your surfing speed is throttled very. This limit can be a problem for some surfers. Since then, the Internet only with a maximum of 64 Kbps can be used in the second. In the upload area even with only 16 kbit / s. Christopher Heinsius