Manufacturer of energy systems have recognized the trend toward combined solutions caused by the scarcity of fossil fuels, such as petroleum, natural gas or coal, and by the use of such conventional energy of related environmental issues (for example global warming), the manufacturer of power systems are forced to think in terms of energy supply. Increasingly, homeowners in the context of conversion or modernization measures opt for a Combi heating system. It opts to not only a source of energy or a heating system, but attempts to coordinate different energy sources, to achieve such an optimal outcome. As an existing oil heating can be combined for example with an air-to water heat pump, and at the same time with a solar energy system. Such a combination is good for example, warm water. In sunny days, the water is heated by the solar system – the system is supported by the heat pump. The excess heat is thus for the colder Stored period. There are numerous ways to match different systems.

So, for example, solar thermal systems can be combined with pellets. Also, a heat pump with a spa in accordance with condensing technology can be brought. In this way, you can benefit of the merits of different systems at the same time. This in turn is reflected in the extremely low costs. At the same time, homeowners can benefit but also by promoting lush by the State.

The use of different energy systems in a House is specifically supported by the Government. There is even a combination bonus, if, for example, in addition to a solar system also the boiler will be renewed. The decision for the right combination is definitely related to individual cases. A general statement can be made here. It’s on the building materials, insulation, and other factors to arrive at an optimal result. Who wants to use a solar system, must decide whether the heater is used with this alone or also Hot water should be prepared. With solar energy alone heating in our latitudes can not be operated. Supporting a condensing boiler can be used however. A condensing boiler consumes significantly less gas or oil as usual conventional plants. So, modernized the old heating and at the same time increase the efficiency. If you want to use completely on renewable energy, a pellet boiler or a heat pump can be used in addition to the solar system. Here must be calculated precisely many systems are still pretty expensive. A calculation should therefore previously held with the energy consultant. The local conditions must be observed as well. So you need a relatively large dry room, for example, for a pellet stove – in buildings without cellar, this is often not the case. The manufacturers of energy systems have recognized the trend toward combined solutions and respond to rising demand with modular products from a single source. The Ssta is also often performed by the manufacturers themselves. The Combination solutions in the field of energy are both strategic and operative in any case a correct decision.