' ' part chave' ' that it constitutes and it moves an organization is ' ' Humano&#039 capital; ' , that until then the collaborators they were seen and treated as machines, purely rational, what with certainty harms the success of any organization, therefore the necessary human being to be considered most important in any place, considered being only, to be dealt with respect, treat being as people and not as plus an employee who can be found in any place. A team is made by people, and it is not alone because these professionals work with technology who can be seen as machines, as plus that will be part of the payment leaf. Exactly with the great advances the companies search the best models that adequately explain the behavior of the people, to understand the motivation and its exploitation in the strategical vision the organizations have taken each time more to the success. Therefore all and any company searchs its differential, investing each time more resources that can add in its well biggest one: its collaborators. The technology professionals, for more competent and brought up to date that is also need motivation, are important that the organizations if more worry and bring each time the motivation for inside of the environment of work, providing conditions and improvements of success, making with that all have a bigger capacity and pleasure in if working.

Stoner (1999, P. 322) appraises motivation as: ' ' The factors that provoke, canalize and support the behavior of indivduo' '. Thus it defines motivation as a set of factors, but Vianna (1999, P. 9) already characterizes the action to motivate as ' ' … to inside place the fuel most powerful of the brain of the human beings that are part of ours equipe.' ' Soon the motivation is a set of factors that give support to the action of determined individual and are necessary to awake these factors in the people who integrate.