is concerned with must be one of your prime concerns In Argentina the use of this fuel is widely disseminated, to join more than 20 of the total vehicle fleet. the time is ripe to take advantage of the lower energy costs, offers many incentives to their clients Its wide distribution is largely due to the high availability natural gas of natural gas as a natural resource in the green energy country and the high prices of liquid fuels. There is a moderately high development of technology household related to the implementation of such conversions, as the engine of many of the electricity ESCO cars sold in the country are manufactured for use with traditional fuels, the conversion must take place later the purchase of the unit.
CNG is usedin Argentina began in the mid-80s through the implementation of a national liquid fuel, the government of Ra l Alfons n.

Jan 20 (Bloomberg) gas – OAO Gazprom, Russias natural gas exporter, resumed deliveries to the European Union via Ukraine, almost two weeks after a price dispute stop energy costs put supplies.
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As a home inspector, Mark Elliott is used to detect gas leaks, but it is what he most of them energy the most surprising .
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