Main article: Conquest of Mallorca by King James I Main article: Kingdom of Mallorca The Crown of Aragon experienced during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries a strong expansion into the Merranean, which led to the Balearics. James I of Aragon captained a fleet that landed in Mallorca in the late summer of 1229. After long battles that raged for months, the victorious king entered the city on 31 December that year. The assault was followed by a killing spree that caused a real genocide of the Mallorcan town, so much so that the thousands of corpses could not be buried caused an epidemic among the conquerors that caused numerous casualties. As a result, the nobles wanted to keep all the booty rather than be drawn among the troops. This provoked the revolt of pawns and knights. Finally there was the division of spoils that lasted until 30 April 1230.Through all this, the Muslims who survived had time to organize various pockets of resistance in the mountains, which lasted a couple of years fighting against the Muslims of Mallorca that ultimately end up as slaves or semi-slaves. Palma de Mallorca All this destruction also weakened the army of James I to the point that when asked the vasallazgo Menorca Crown was granted. Thus, Minorca became an independent Taifa, where religion and Arab culture remained for half a century. But in January 1287, the fleet of Alfonso III, the Franco arrived at the port of Mahon. It was arranged the surrender of the island so that the chiefs and nobles were able to escape in return for surrendering the rest of the population to enslave them. With respect to Ibiza, was also conquered by Jaime I, but in August 1235. Its inhabitants were also enslaved and their property distributed among the magnates.James I of Aragon gave the islands a fairly autonomous management structure within the Crown of Aragon to form the Kingdom of Mallorca them, which became fully independent a few years. Following the dynastic union of the Catholic Monarchs, the islands were incorporated, like the other kingdoms of the peninsula, the new dynastic unity.