The decision to create a website – an important moment in the life of every organization. Depending on how it will look the site will draw conclusions about the organization entirely. But except for the appearance of the site there are other details that should be taken into account when designing a web site. So, you have the idea that your company needs a web site. The thought is undeniable, but how to realize it? There are several options: first – trust your own staff saytets bungled and put on a free host aforesaid, the 2nd – to find the most expensive web design studio, dumped thousands of green, more than the dozens of 10 – 20, to buy a domain at auction, as thousands of 20 – 30 and then show your friends-friends account that you have paid. Perhaps the site will turn a striking, but it still should be promoted. After all, even the most spectacular site in itself will not be visited and famous.

Without measures to promote the site for you to not trample visitors – consumers of your products and services will not rise in line with the purses at the door of your company. So, will turn up more and organization, which serves to promote websites. There are also third – order the creation of resource in the organization of the complete cycle, which performs the full range of services ranging from defining the objectives and functions, develop the concept and creating the site, to optimize the text content of the resource by the Web search engines and promotion of a site on the Internet. Why order the creation of the Internet site was reasonable to us to complete the cycle? The answer is very simple. Conceiving the creation of the site, you immediately think that we should Arrange to your web site has been seen in search engines.

And for this, from the outset, it is necessary to strike a balance between technological saturation, the decorative component of the site and text information, with clear and visitors and search engines to navigate. Actually web studio full cycle, most likely able to create a web site that will look rasprekrasny not only in the eyes of a visitor, but on the first page of major search engines Google. If you compare the work plan on development of sites with 2 web studio, I immediately can see significant differences in the approach to the development of the Internet resource. A comprehensive approach includes the following items: 1. Of semantic core site 2. Study competitors in the subject web site, 3. Assistance in adapting or writing texts to promote your site in search engines. That is, all the works are intended to make not only "good" site, a site that will good for users and for search engines. For an organization that provides a range of services, creating a site only the 1st step of the complex works. Stage 2 – the promotion of the site or, if you talk to optimizatorskom language – site promotion. Podvizhenie Internet and website position in the TOP is not something eternal. Because search engines are constantly changing and improving ranking algorithms, and competitors are not sleeping. In this regard, undoubtedly beneficial work with the studio, provide a full range of services. After the studio, which conducted the site development, worked on the text content of the site, and knows the topics and level of competition in it, knows how to respond to changes in the search and increasing competition in the industry.