American hegemony in this time this in between said when China looks to international markets and as example of that are 1300 of appliances Chinese companies which it says that if they decide to merge until reaching only a number fifteen, serian the more of the world’s largest and hardly there would be competition for them. Today there are agreements between Venezuela and China which has allowed to venture into certain areas of technological development, one of them unprecedented was the launch of a space satellite built in China with training of professionals and technicians is this area, which if well managed and operated, insurance provide great benefits to Venezuela. Agreements like these open up the possibility that Venezuela has greater possibilities of access to technological development. These are the implications more direct we can observe to see as a developed country, with deep technology expertise and at the same time developing their culture, they can impact so positive in the development of other Nations. However in this order ideas mentioned in the article we can identify what are the weaknesses, opportunities, threats, strengths and possible suggestions for case analysis.Weaknesses in relation to China as to what business and politician, there is still the ghost of the bureaucracy, which has its roots well placed since the beginning of the Qin dynasty to Mao that lasted until nearly 2200 years and has been able to contain private initiatives. He is needed to reform the entire political-economic framework, due to that despite the economic boom, several of the most important banking institutions so far have been unstable. Chinese companies have made enormous progress, especially in areas of manufacturing, but progress has been limited in terms of developing their brands, intellectual property and distribution networks. Some Chinese companies get very small benefits locally because there is many markets trash that leave no added value to the country.