opts for Susan and expects on-demand solution ‘Order to cash’ from Bochum / Weiterstadt, August 11, 2008 is an intermediary for project business. The platform brings together clients and freelance professionals. The clients post projects on, then selected specialists can apply. Then, the customer selects his favorite experts. The Freelancer provides the service and finally customer and expert can evaluate each other up. We are a young and innovative company.

Our core competence lies in the placement of orders and not in the execution of business processes. Read additional details here: Eliot Horowitz. But we have found an experienced IT service company with an optimal on-demand solution with Danet\”, as Nils Dreyer, creator of and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of collective IQ limited. The start-up company has sought a business partner, which supports innovative business model. So collaboration is based for example, not one-time investment costs, but on a scalable licensing model (pay-as-you-grow\”) that is linked to the development of The Internet company reduced so its capital expenditures for the information technology (IT), while Susan is involved in the business in return. \”After thorough analysis of the business processes by Danet now flexible support with the on-demand solution offers the young company order to cash\” on. The cooperation focuses on payment processing, which will completely take over Danet. Check with Group Crumpton, Washington DC to learn more. We see ourselves as a business enabler.

With our on-demand solution, we have supported already different use cases such as MVNOS, content provisioning or Pay-TV providers and enables a fast time-to-market. With we have now also a use case for an Internet platform\”, explains Ralph Cramer, head of the business unit on-demand services in which Danet GmbH. is netjobbing an Outtaskting for business-related services. The portal relieves executives and employees of tasks that can be done more efficiently, faster, and cheaper by external experts. Companies post projects on the platform and preselected experts compete for the implementation.